Here are some of the services and training we offer. These can be provided as one-off activities, packages, or ongoing support. All content is tailored to your organisation and can be delivered in a variety of formats and locations. This list is not exhaustive - let us know if there's something else you would like us to provide.​

Strategic perspective

  • Using risk management to improve the probability of success

  • Using risk management to improve strategic planning 

  • Using risk management to establish appropriate KPIs, targets and bonuses

  • Helping you understand, develop, and document your organisation's risk appetite 

  • Understanding the language of risk and why different people mean different things

  • Making risk management central to your organisation's success, rather than a 'box ticking' activity

Operational perspective

  • Design and document an effective risk management framework

  • Building a global risk model aligned to your financial or business model

  • Identifying risks in your day-to-day activities and processes, and deciding what to do about them

  • Including uncertainty in financial models, budgets and spreadsheets

  • Understanding the different ways to deal with threats, opportunities and uncertain numbers

  • Chairing and facilitating workshops

  • Project risk management

Risk assessment

  • Using effective risk assessment techniques

  • Understanding why heatmaps and risk matrices should not be used for risk analysis

  • Cyber risk analysis using the FAIR methodology

  • Decision support and risk analysis for specific problems and decisions

  • Quantitative cost and schedule risk analysis

Resilience and Business Continuity

  • Business Impact Assessments

  • Business Continuity and Emergency Planning
  • Preparing, reviewing and updating plans 

  • Design and run exercises to test arrangements 

Working with risk practitioners

  • Competency training for risk managers

  • ISO31000:2018, ISO/IEC31010, ISO Guide 73 awareness and training

  • How to use appropriate tools and techniques (including bowties, decision trees and Monte Carlo simulation)

  • Advice on procurement of risk management software

  • Understanding the effects of psychology and bias, and calibration training to overcome them

  • How to report risk to decision-makers effectively 


  • Working with internal audit to develop effective assurance

  • Independent review of your current risk management arrangements and documentation

  • Helping management understand what they should be asking of their risk teams

  • Helping politicians and scrutiny/audit/governance committees ask the right questions

Strategic support

  • Coaching and advice for senior leaders, convenors, chairs, NEDs etc

  • Presentations, conferences and keynotes

  • Interim/part-time risk leadership positions (Chief Risk Officer, Head of Service, Director etc)