About 2020

2020 Risk Management was established to provide risk management services to public, private and third sector organisations outside the financial services sector. It was born out of observations that many activities being carried out under the name of 'risk management' have little to no impact upon performance, and that organisations are consistently failing to embrace proper risk analysis techniques used in other industries. This results in a considerable waste of time, money and effort. 

2020 refers to perfect vision, when everything is clear, where there is no uncertainty, and where decisions are straight-forward and easy to make. The real world is not like that. By carrying out risk management effectively with the proper tools and techniques we help you make better decisions which will give you the best chance of achieving success. 

Our Managing Director Duncan Harwood has served as an army officer, as risk engineer on a multi-billion dollar oilfield project, as regional resilience coordinator for the Scottish Government, and Chief Risk Officer for the City of Edinburgh Council. He holds two engineering degrees and an MBA. A former national chess champion, Duncan has considerable experience taking the right risks at the right time in order to make good decisions and achieve winning outcomes